Helps lift the foot during the swing phase, so that the gait becomes safer again while the risk of stumbling and falling is reduced. The tip of the foot no longer gets caught as easily on small obstacles or uneven ground. Is made of a modern carbon fibre prepreg material which is very lightweight. There is a carbon fibre spring at the back that extends from the Achilles tendon to the calf. For users with residual musculature, the WalkOn provides support while walking. At toe-off the orthosis releases previously stored energy so that walking becomes smoother. The ankle joint is stabilised at the same time. WalkOn Trimmable is how the orthotist adapts the orthosis for you.


Code Size Measurements Colour
28U23=L36-40 36-39 – L Height 35cm Black
28U23=R36-39 36-39 – R Height 35cm Black
28U23=L39-42 39-42 – L Height 36cm Black
28U23=R39-42 39-42 – R Height 36cm Black
28U23=L42-45 42-45 – L Height 37cm Black
28U23=R42-45 42-45 – R Height 37cm Black
28U23=L45-48 45-48 – L Height 39cm Black
28U23=R45-48 45-48 – R Height 39cm Black