As the closure will grip anywhere along the length of the belt this provides the wearer with Total Control of the amount of support required at any time. Can be used for Stoma and Cholostomy and post-surgery.


Code Size Measurements
TCB701 S 15cm x 60-90cm
TCB702 M 15cm x 80-110cm
TCB703 L 15cm x 90-120cm
TCB704 XL 15cm x 110-140cm


Code Size Measurements
TCB801 S 22.5cm x 60-90cm
TCB802 M 22.5cm x 80-110cm
TCB803 L 22.5 x 90-120cm
TCB804 XL 22.5cm x 110-140cm


Code Size Measurements
TCB901 S 300mm
TCB902 M 300mm
TCB903 L 300mm
TCB904 XL 300mm