The Custom TLSO Bivalve High Profile provides spinal support and immobilisation created to your exact specifications.



Code Size
TLSO121C-XSF XS – Female
TLSO121C-XSM XS – Male
TLSO121C-SF S – Female
TLSO121C-SM S – Male
TLSO121C-MF M – Female
TLSO121C-MM M – Male
TLSO121C-LF L – Female
TLSO121C-LM L – Male
TLSO121C-XLF XL – Female
TLSO121C-XLM XL – Male
TLSO121C-XXLF 2XL – Female
TLSO121C-XXLM 2XL – Male
TLSO121C-XXXLF 3XL – Female
Custom options available