Orthotic Centre Charges

Private Patients

Patients who self-refer or attend privately on prescription are responsible for the full cost of the consultation and any product they receive.

ACC Patients

There is usually no charge to clients who meet the requirements for ACC. However, ACC funding is not guaranteed. In some cases we must pre apply for funding. Fracture bracing for a recent injury is usually covered. Complex knee bracing will require prior approval. Conditions such as stress fractures, plantar fasciitis, or carpal tunnel syndrome are often not covered.

*Note: if the link between the injury and the current problem is without question, please note this in your diagnosis “i.e. plantar fasciitis due to heel injury”. If not approved by ACC, then a private payment will be required.

Crown – Ministry of Health Patients

Most items funding by the Ministry of Health/DHB/Crown are either free or heavily subsidised for the client. There is a part charge for some insoles, footwear and footwear modification. A Community Service Card does not affect the price.

If you are still unsure if your treatment will be funded or paid for by yourself privately

Please check our Q & A section on referral types for further clarification.

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Orthotic Centre supports your pain-free mobility with leading-edge orthoses. Locally designed and manufactured and a range of the best internationally sourced tailor-made orthotic footwear and braces, together with holistic rehabilitation plans support you to maximise mobility and independence.

We have some exciting changes happening at the Orthotic Centre.

Changes to Service
In line with our customer-focused approach and the Ministry of Health and DHB objectives, we are moving to a decentralised community-based health care service.

Our clinic in Great South Rd is closed

We are currently in the process of moving our manufacturing facilities to a new address in Mt Wellington.

For repairs please call us. 0800 550 632

New Locations
In addition to our current sites in Remuera, Morrin Rd and Albany, we now have new clinics in Mangere East, Wai Health and soon Mt Roskill and Takanini. Addresses for our clinics are on the website. Call your nearest centre.