Healthcare Professionals


There are several ways to refer patients – Privately funded, ACC funded and Publicly funded.

Privately Funded Referrals


Specialist, Sports Physicians, GPs, Podiatrists, Physiotherapists and other health professionals can refer private patients directly to an Orthotist for assessment and provision of orthotics. For complex pathologies, we recommend patients first see a Medical Specialist. Prescription forms are available on request.

ACC Funded Referrals


ACC will fund orthotics once their rules are met. ACC requires:

  • An orthotic prescription from a registered medical specialist
  • Sports physicians and some specialist hand therapist are also allowed. Unfortunately, prescriptions from GPs are not funded.
  • Obvious cause and effect.
  • The need for orthotics must be without question caused by the accident.
  • Prior approval in some cases.

We are happy to apply to ACC for funding on behalf of clients, however this may delay the provision of orthotics.

There are other rules related to accident date, hospital discharge or elective surgery that may affect eligibility.

Crown or Ministry of Health Funded Referrals


Some funding is available for patients with long-term disabilities or acute conditions (not ACC). How to access this funding is discussed below.

Crown or Ministry of Health Funded Referrals - Acute


Funding for acute conditions (other than through ACC) is only available from Crown hospital prescription. Crown hospitals may prescribe orthotics for their patients. These are usually fully funded through the hospital. A part charge may apply to some footwear and insoles.

Crown or Ministry of Health Funded Referrals – Long-Term Disabilities


Funding for orthotics related to long-term disabilities is available on prescription after assessment by one of the following individuals who are employed by a contracting health and disability service provider:

  • An Orthopaedic Specialist
  • A Rehabilitation Physician
  • A Neurologist
  • A Vascular Surgeon
  • An Oncology Specialist
  • Or other relevant Medical Specialist

Delegated Authority to prescribe may also apply to:

  • Senior Physiotherapists
  • Senior Occupational Therapists
  • Nurse Unit Managers
  • Registrars
  • Podiatrists

Crown funded prescriptions also can be provided from the Orthotic Assessment Clinic.

If you are still unsure if your treatment will be funded or paid for by yourself privately

Please check our Q & A section on referral types for further clarification.

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