Crown/Ministry of Health Funding

Crown/Ministry of Health Funding

Crown/Ministry of Health/DHB (not acute) funded clients may experience a delay in service.

The Crown sets budgetary limits and priority rules. These regulate the funding made available for the provision of publicly funded services. Unfortunately, at times the demand is greater than the budget.

Referrals and prescriptions are prioritised and if the patient/condition is a low priority, there may be a delay. For example, a patient needing insoles with a diagnosis of “Painful RA” has priority over one with ‘flat feet”.

  • These categories are top priority for Crown funding:
    Orthotics needed
    – For an acute/serious medical or surgical condition
    – For inpatient discharge from a Crown hospital
    – Due to skin breakdown or serious pressure area
    – For clients whose safety is at risk
  • These are second priority:
    Children needing support for joint alignment and skeletal integrity
  • These are third priority:
    – First pair of footwear
    – Repeat footwear when no other is available
    – First issue orthoses/supports
    – Repeat orthoses when no other is available
  • These are lowest priority:
    All Others
    – Second pair of footwear
    – Second orthoses/supports

If you are still unsure if your treatment will be funded or paid for by yourself privately

Please check our Q & A section on referral types for further clarification.

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