Designed to apply a physiologically correct dynamic force, optimum for rehabilitation of posterior cruciate ligament (PCL) ruptures, whether during functional (non-surgical) treatment or post-surgical reconstruction. The dynamic load of the Rebound PCL on the tibia is generated by applying an anterior directed dynamic force on the calf area, and opposing counter forces on the anterior aspect of the leg.


Code Size and Side Measurements
B124501161 S – L Thigh Circ 42-45cm
B124501158 S – R Thigh Circ 42-45cm
B124501162 M – L Thigh circ 45-51cm
B124501159 M – R Thigh circ 45-51cm
B124501163 L – L Thigh circ 51-58.5cm
B124501160 L – R Thigh circ 51-58.5cm
B124501155XL XL – L Thigh circ 58.5-66cm
B124501154XL XL – R Thigh circ 58.5-66cm

Ossur Rebound PCL Brace Custom

Code Side
B124501155 Left Custom Available on request
B124501154 Right Custom Available on request