The Boots and Bar (properly known as a Foot Abduction Brace) are special shoes that are attached to a device that keeps the foot and ankle at a certain posture, as part of Ponseti Treatment for Talipes.


Code Size
L1930-P1 Preemie 5
L1930-P2 Preemie 6
L1930-0 Size 0
L1930-00 Size 00
L1930-000 Size 000
L1930-0000 Size 0000
L1930-1 Size 1
L1930-2 Size 2
L1930-3 Size 3
L1930-4 Size 4
L1930-5 Size 5
L1930-6 Size 6
L1930-7 Size 7
L1930-8 Size 8
L1930-9 Size 9
L1930-10 Size 10