The Boots and Bar (properly known as a Foot Abduction Brace) are special shoes that are attached to a device that keeps the foot and ankle at a certain posture, as part of Ponseti Treatment for Talipes.


Code Size
L1930-P1 Preemie 5
L1930-P2 Preemie 6
L1930-0 Size 0
L1930-00 Size 00
L1930-000 Size 000
L1930-0000 Size 0000
L1930-1 Size 1
L1930-2 Size 2
L1930-3 Size 3
L1930-4 Size 4
L1930-5 Size 5
L1930-6 Size 6
L1930-7 Size 7
L1930-8 Size 8
L1930-9 Size 9
L1930-10 Size 10
We have some exciting changes happening at the Orthotic Centre.

Changes to Service
In line with our customer-focused approach and the Ministry of Health and DHB objectives, we are moving to a decentralised community-based health care service.

Our clinic in Great South Rd is closed

We are currently in the process of moving our manufacturing facilities to a new address in Mt Wellington.

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New Locations
In addition to our current sites in Remuera, Morrin Rd and Albany, we now have new clinics in Mangere East, Wai Health and soon Mt Roskill and Takanini. Addresses for our clinics are on the website. Call your nearest centre.