Patient Referral

Whether you are referring a patient, or are a self-referral to our practice, we’re here to help. Read below to find out useful information about our procedures for ACC funded referrals, DHB funded referrals and privately funded patients. If you are referring a patient, please complete the online form below. Otherwise contact us to find out more about how we can help you.

Please use the form below to refer a patient.

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If ACC is funding the orthotics the referral will need to be signed off by a Specialist. In some cases, we will need to send a request to ACC for pre-approval of funding which can take from a few days to a couple of weeks (depending on how fast ACC processes the request).


If the DHB is funding the orthotics the referral needs to be signed off by an authorised DHB referrer which includes any Specialist, Medical Officer, or Therapist employed by the DHB. For more complex items such as custom footwear or callipers, only a specialist can refer.

A GP may also write a referral and send it to Orthotic Centre to be assessed for funding eligibility for DHB funding.

Please note: Some Public Hospital orthotics will incur a patient contribution fee. You will be told at the time of your appointment if one of these charges will apply. You will then receive a bill from the DHB the following month.


If you are funding the orthotics privately you do not need a referral. You will be asked to pay for your orthotics on the day of your appointment unless prior arrangements are made with the practice manager.

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