Used to stabilise or immobilise the S joints of the fingers. They quickly and effectively treat: Mallet Finger, Swan Neck and Boutonniere Deformities, Trigger Finger and Trigger Thumb, Lateral Deviation, Arthritis, Fractures and Hypermobility.



Code Size
3P1008-2 SIZE 2
3P1008-3 SIZE 3
3P1008-4 SIZE 4
3P1008-5 SIZE 5
3P1008-6 SIZE 6
3P1008-7 SIZE 7
3P1008-8 SIZE 8
3P1008-9 SIZE 9
3P1008-10 SIZE 10
3P1008-11 SIZE 11
3P1008-12 SIZE 12
3P1008-13 SIZE 13
3P1008-14 SIZE 14
3P1008-15 SIZE 15
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