Orthotic Assessment Clinic

Our Assessment Clinic contains state-of-the art technology and a huge range of Orthopaedic Specialists and Orthotists so that we can provide the best mobility solution to everyone that comes through the door.

Patients with long-term disabilities who require assessment for orthotic supports or surgical footwear can be referred by relevant medical professionals.


These include:

  • Needs Assessment/ Service Co-ordination service
  • Physiotherapy Services
  • District Nursing Services
  • Registered Medical Practitioners
  • Other disability services

Please note: Referral describes only the process of requesting that the orthotic service assess a person for specific outcomes. It does not include the prescribing or ordering of a particular orthosis.

Referred patients are assessed by an Orthopaedic Specialist along with an Orthotist. There is no charge to the patient for the assessment.

The Orthotic Centre does not operate as an orthopaedic or rheumatology outpatient clinic. The specialist will provide an orthotic assessment only. To help our Specialists, the Referral must contain a diagnosis, relevant medical history, and an ACC number (if applicable).

This assessment clinic is not funded for acute (short-term) conditions. Patients with acute conditions can be assessed at our Orthotic Active clinics instead.

We recommend children with disabilities first be referred to an appropriate Orthopaedic or Paediatric service. These patients may require other treatment such as physiotherapy, botox, surgery, etc. These services will prescribe orthotics as they see fit.

We work with other specialists to offer a comprehensive care plan for each of our patients. We often find that a child will be prescribed AFOs to help control the position and motion of their ankle. But, the orthotic alone is not enough to ensure a full recovery, the child will also need physiotherapy to maximise the effectiveness. By working with the physiotherapist we obtain a better outcome.


If you are still unsure if your treatment will be funded or paid for by yourself privately

Please check our Q & A section on referral types for further clarification.

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