Easy to don and doff, with Velcro closure that opens down to the forefoot. The wide opening feature makes it easier to get a patients foot right into the slipper, especially if oedema is present. Has a good nonslip walking sole and a cushioned inner sole. As well as being very lightweight.



Code Size
F030313 3 Stitched
F030314 4 Stitched
F030315 5 Stitched
F030316 6 Stitched
F030317 7 Stitched
F030318 8 Stitched
F030319 9 Stitched
F030110 10 Stitched
F030111 11 Stitched
F030112 12 Stitched
F030113 13 Stitched
F030114 14 Stitched